March’s Free Lecture

Wednesday’s at Yi Lin

 Free Lectures on Traditional Chinese Medicine & Integrative Medicine

Every wednesday night at 6:00 PM we hold a free lecture on Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and Integrative Medicine. Lectures are open to the public and feature informational fact sheets, demonstrations, and supervised self-help techniques.

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Mar 29th

Treating Menopause with Traditional Chinese Medicine

Traditional Chinese medicine has been treating this condition successfully for generations. We will discuss the use of acupuncture and herbal formulas, that we developed at Yi Lin Medical Center, to address the different problems that women develop during menopause.

Presented by: Yan Zhang, D.O.M, M.D ( China)

 Traditional Chinese Medicine and facial rejuvination

Chinese facial rejuvenation and skin care is all natural. It is effective for treating all skin problems including: wrinkled skin, saggy and loose skin, Hyper-pigmentation, cracked, dry and itchy skin,Acne, Psoriasis and Eczema

Presented by: Yan Zhang, D.O.M, M.D ( China)

Weight Loss and Health using Herbs & Acupuncture

We will talk about resentation of the ancient science and practice of healthy weight loss, while increasing energy and balancing the immune system. TCM combines food therapy, acupuncture, exercise and herbs to provide a unique and long lasting approach to healthy weight loss.

Presented by: Yan Zhang, D.O.M, M.D ( China)

Immediate Allergy Relief & Management using TCM

A lecture and demonstration answering the questions of: How can I get immediate relief from my allergies!? This seminar will address both chronic and acute allergies and how to help them. Techniques on self-management of allergies through acupressure and diet will be taught and practiced.

Presented by: Yan Zhang, D.O.M, M.D ( China)

Yi Lin Medical Center is located at 5000 Cutler Ave NE Suite A.

Call 888-6700 to reserve a seat.