Acute Lower Back Pain

First Visit

2017.2.17 Male

He had lower back pain at the left side for 2 days which happened twice in 5 years. He worked out and lifted something heavy three days ago, then it happened the next morning, which was getting worse in the following day. There was no shooting pain down to the feet. The pain level was 8-9. He had difficulty in standing up from the chair or twisting his waist.


I insert one needle in each hand, Asked the patient to cough when insert the pain. Just after several seconds, he said it was so weird that the pain was almost gone. I asked him to twist the waist slowly, then sat down and stood up repeatedly for 20 minutes. After that, the pain was totally disappeared

Second Visit


He said the pain was totally gone after the treatment, but it returned after 3 hours when he came home. The pain level is 5-7  which was sustainable. The left lower back was a little swollen and red, while the right lower back was tight.


  • Acupuncture on the bilateral lower back and hands
  • heating lamp
  • Herbal Pills and plaster

The pain was totally gone after the treatment