Acupuncture treats Addiction and Detoxification

I’ve seen first hand how difficult quitting smoking, alcohol or addictive drugs can be. As you may have experienced, withdrawal from an addictive substance can cause anxiety, cravings, mood swings and can disturb your eating or sleep patterns. Acupuncture treatments help by bringing your body to a natural state of balance. Within this state you are able to work through the physical an emotional challenges & experience:

  • Calming of anxiety
  • A sense of contentment
  • Reduced cravings
  • Better sleeping pattern

During your treatment & after, you will experience a calm natural state in which the anxiety and cravings will be diminished.

Ready to Quit?

Before we begin the treatment, you must be sure that you are truly ready to quit. If this is the case, we can help you through it.  Your success is directly dependent on your personal desire to quit.